Monday, August 11, 2014

I hung a WHAT on the wall?!

Today, as I was digging through a box of random junk... I mean, so-called-teaching-supplies, I found a plastic tablecloth from Target. I remember getting this tablecloth on clearance about 2 years ago with the thought that it'd be nice to lay out on Field Day for when my students and I had lunch outside. Well, two years and a move to Alaska later, it resurfaced.

I loved the design and my goal for the day was to make an area outside my room to display my first graders' Writing Workshop. My school is kind of amazing in that EVERY single wall is a bulletin board. Hello stapler and goodbye hot glue gun.

I hung the tablecloth! At first it looked kind of sketchy and I was regretting the decision. I scrummaged around and found some border. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough of one kind so I had to use two. (I think it turned out pretty seamless though) Last but not least I hot glued some clothespins to some white construction paper and then stapled it to the tablecloth. The finishing touch was some tissue paper flowers.

What do you think?

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  1. Awesome! I have never thought about a table cloth for the wall. I always use fabric and it can get expensive. Hm… I will be watching out for those on clearance now. :)
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