Sunday, May 31, 2015

Baby Love

We are a fertile faculty I guess! Before school ended our school had a baby shower/celebration for the five mommas that were pregnant! I am beyond thrilled to share with you all that I am one of them.
This will be the first baby for my husband and I and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I could not be happier. I have prayed a great deal for this little one. Easter Sunday we announced our pregnancy as you see to the left. Then, at the beginning of May I told my sweet firsties the news. Their reaction was precious! I had found a way to reveal the gender to our out of town family (the first grandbaby for both sides) and I decided to buy an extra and do a class reveal party --> best decision ever! I am so glad I didn't miss this opportunity to share this special moment in my life with my students. The company I used is called Sosia To Go and I highly recommend them. They have several different options. I ordered the $15 Gender Reveal for Out-Of-Town Family and Friends: Pregnancy Reveal Fizz.  

Watch the video to see the reveal in action. I could watch it a hundred times... in fact, I probably have!

IMG 5456 2 from Mrs. E on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sad to go, glad to be back

Well, not sure what to say other than my bad. There has been so much going on in my life the last couple of months, and none of it excuses a four month blogging absence. Yikes! That's a really long time!

Last Thursday was the last day for kiddos and today was the last work day. Tomorrow I start eight days of professional development. I know that sounds intense, and it is, but I'm pretty excited to attend my district's Reading Institute. Look for a post next week detailing some of my learning.

Sadly, at the end of those eight days I will be hopping on the red eye and moving to Georgia. Now that's intense. My husband is in the military and home is where the military moves us. We are devastated to leave Alaska. We both absolutely love the lifestyle, our home, and our friends here. I of course am doubly traumatized by the fact that I have to leave my school behind. These last two years teaching first grade in North Pole (yes, North Pole!) have been tremendous years of growth for me professionally and beyond fulfilling personally.

More updates to come SOON. I promise!
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