Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back 2 School Assessment FREEBIE

I've made it past the first three full days of first grade (and of my 5th year teaching)! On Friday I was feeling brave and we ended up painting! It was a quick lesson on lines and how to properly use our class paints. I've got to say.... my firsties did pretty brilliantly.
While I feel pretty good about the last three days, I'm still feeling anxious about the upcoming FULL week. Plus, new students are arriving everyday still and we all know how a class dynamic can change instantly.

One of my main priorities this week will be doing inventory assessments on all my kiddos. I've made a forever freebie to help us all out with doing simple and quick letter name and sound assessments. I've even included a CVC decoding page. Click on the picture to be taken to the freebie.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Survived Meet Your Teacher Night!

Last night was Meet Your Teacher night! Our school actually calls it the Ice Cream Social. It's a whirlwind!

One thing that helped me survive was my back to school forms. I have a set for Kindergarten and First Grade. There are parts you can edit and other parts that you don't need to worry about personalizing. There's even a cute poem for parents. I always pair it with a fresh apple. It's always been a big hit, and last night was no different.

To get the first grade forms click on the picture to the left. To get the Kindergarten set, click here.

Now I just have to get through tomorrow.... the first day of school!!

And don't forget the ONE DAY ONLY tomorrow. Use the code BOOST. My whole store will be 20% off, so when the code you can enjoy 28% off!

Monday, August 11, 2014

I hung a WHAT on the wall?!

Today, as I was digging through a box of random junk... I mean, so-called-teaching-supplies, I found a plastic tablecloth from Target. I remember getting this tablecloth on clearance about 2 years ago with the thought that it'd be nice to lay out on Field Day for when my students and I had lunch outside. Well, two years and a move to Alaska later, it resurfaced.

I loved the design and my goal for the day was to make an area outside my room to display my first graders' Writing Workshop. My school is kind of amazing in that EVERY single wall is a bulletin board. Hello stapler and goodbye hot glue gun.

I hung the tablecloth! At first it looked kind of sketchy and I was regretting the decision. I scrummaged around and found some border. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough of one kind so I had to use two. (I think it turned out pretty seamless though) Last but not least I hot glued some clothespins to some white construction paper and then stapled it to the tablecloth. The finishing touch was some tissue paper flowers.

What do you think?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back To School Sale

I keep telling my husband that this is our "Last Sunday"... before the madness begins. We went to church and breakfast and enjoyed lounging around in the Alaskan sunshine! He reminds me that technically speaking we have next Sunday, too. What he doesn't quite understand is that getting the keys to my room on Friday is the official end of summer... even if the paid days don't start for another week. Who am I kidding... he knows this. He HAS to know this! He's just in denial.

Speaking of going back to school, tomorrow starts the annual TPT Back to School Sale! Everything in my store will be 20% off and with the TPT promo code BTS14 you get another 8%. 28% off everything = a great Monday (& Tuesday)!

I'm exited about this new product! If you teach first grade, tune in! If you don't... sorry! Basically, this is your Back To School Night go-to! I have made banners, parent poems, and lots of forms. Several can be edited and personalized -- these include Meet Your Teacher & Class Reminders forms as well as a Wish List and Supply List. The packet also comes with a parent sign in sheet, volunteer sheet, contact information sheet, and a parent survey that goes over their child's personality, learning style, and basic skill level. I'm so excited to use it this year and I hope it helps some of you out as well! It is $3.50, but for Monday and Tuesday during the sale you can grab it for only $2.52!

I'm off to organize my own Wish List! :)
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