Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back 2 School Assessment FREEBIE

I've made it past the first three full days of first grade (and of my 5th year teaching)! On Friday I was feeling brave and we ended up painting! It was a quick lesson on lines and how to properly use our class paints. I've got to say.... my firsties did pretty brilliantly.
While I feel pretty good about the last three days, I'm still feeling anxious about the upcoming FULL week. Plus, new students are arriving everyday still and we all know how a class dynamic can change instantly.

One of my main priorities this week will be doing inventory assessments on all my kiddos. I've made a forever freebie to help us all out with doing simple and quick letter name and sound assessments. I've even included a CVC decoding page. Click on the picture to be taken to the freebie.

1 comment:

  1. Good post, always good to cherish little things. Can't wait to see what’s happening in coming week. Thank you for sharing it with us


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