Sunday, July 5, 2015

Las Vegas.... I made it!

I finally got my act together yesterday and printed all of the handouts for the I Teach 1st and TPT conferences. I also made my honey a To Do list. ;)

Anyway, my baby bump and I made it! Plus, my two first grade friends from Alaska have arrived. In fact, they got here a smidge before me so they enjoyed the rooftop pool this evening. I will be exploring that tomorrow! We are all in heaven with our over the top 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom hotel room. It was a timeshare score for sure! I don't even want to think about what this would be costing for the week if we were paying regular hotel fees. Yikes! 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Currently July... ALREADY!

Wowza, this is embarrassing. I will be the 291st person linking up to Farley's monthly linky party. (Actually, some other late comer might beat me and I might be the 292nd!) I really meant to post this yesterday but oh well, I'm a day late and a dollar short.

Listening: Can I just say... I am so glad to see rain. I loved living in Alaska. I mean, I really seriously loved it, but I sure did miss the rain. Now that I'm in Georgia my daily routine is taking the dog on a walk (IE, my All Star talent), going to the pool for 2 hours (that's about all my little pregnant self can take in this heat), and then coming home and taking an hour or so nap during what always seems to be an afternoon thunderstorm. 

Loving: I am loving my new house. It's slow going setting up the house, but here is the living room. It's not huge by any means, but it opens up into the kitchen and I love that. Plus, I'm on a gold kick. 

Thinking: I can not believe Vegas is next week! I leave Sunday night because I'm going to the I Teach 1st conference before the TPT conference. I am SO excited and very nervous about meeting everyone... especially at 30 weeks pregnant. 

Wanting: So I'm having a baby girl and thus, I'm having some serious cravings for sweet treats. My amazing husband went down to the gas station the other night and got me an ice cream sandwich... one of those heavenly Toll House cookie ones. I'm trying to keep it in check. Is it too soon to ask him to do it again? Thank goodness I passed the Gestational Diabetes test!

Needing: I'm so needing to get ready for Vegas. Do you have any idea how many different sessions I'm supposed to be going to when you combine the I teach 1st ones, TPT ones, and all the incredible meet ups?!?! Do I even know?! The answer is no, but I think it's something crazy... like 30! I have not printed out my handouts or made a schedule aka I'm not ready at all.

All Star: I've been taking my sweet greyhound on daily walks in the mornings before it gets too hot. This is new for us because in Alaska we had a huge yard and his shock collar let him also go into the neighbor's yard to play with their dogs. Here, our yard is small, fenced in, and he doesn't have any little doggy friends. Anyway, we are loving our morning walks. Here is a picture of my sweet dog and my giant baby bump.

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