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Hello! My name is Andrea and I teach 1st grade in Alaska. I actually live in North Pole, Alaska if you can believe it. Luckily for me, my commute to work is less than two minutes, so those negative 40 degree days aren't as bad as they could be. I'm not kidding about the negative 40 degree temperatures...

This is not only my first year teaching 1st grade, but it's also my first year in Alaska. For the past three years I've lived in Nashville, Tennessee (slight difference to my current home). My first year teaching in Tennessee I taught 4th grade (limited carpet time), and the following two years I taught 3rd grade (so much fun).

I received my undergraduate degree in Journalism and Sociology from the University of Denver, but I somehow found my way into teaching nonetheless. I have a Masters degree in Teaching from Belmont University and my English Language Learners endorsement from Lipscomb University.˚ 

And now, here I am 4,000 miles away, freezing, but happy! Adding to my happiness, is the fact that I married the most amazing man last summer in Homer, Alaska. Also, we have a pretty perfect dog.


Lauren S. said...

Hi Andrea! So nice to "meet" you! My family is from Tennessee and my husband loves to hunt and fish in Alaska! I'm not sure how you handle those crazy temperatures. We live in SoCal and 40 degrees is "freezing" to me! I love your blog design and can't wait to read more of your posts!

A Teachable Teacher

Andrea E said...

Lauren, thank you for the sweet note! I love YOUR blog! Oh my goodness you've been hard a work. I am looking at it now and it's amazing. I had never heard of Educents! How cool!

Karen Hester said...

Love your blog. I've never been to Alaska (except for a flight layover when I was six months old), so I don't think that counts! I found you through TpT & I'm your newest follower!

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Andrea E said...

Thanks Karen! You've got to return to Alaska.... in the summer! :) It's pretty magical! I am likewise following you. Love your latest You Oughta Know post! Thanks again for your kind words.

*S.Udy* said...

Hello! I decided to browse the "Blogs by State" and saw your blog. I'm currently in Wasilla teaching 5th grade after teaching 4th for 3 years. So happy to meet another Alaskan blogger!
Simple Insights

Andrea E said...

Steph, thanks for stopping by! I just commented on your latest blog post. I love the list, the Kagan mats, and the tossing of the teacher desk! I'm right with you!

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