Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Baby love and Halloween freebie

I have to admit that I have been hibernating and I am not ashamed by this fact at all. I gave birth to the sweetest baby girl last month and I've been spending every moment with her. I can't imagine anything more precious. She is seriously my world right now and I am so grateful that I get to stay home with her this year.

I did manage to open up Powerpoint yesterday... for honestly, the first time since giving birth. I made a quick Halloween freebie. Every year on Halloween I buy my kiddos some candy corn because I love them so much -- the candy corn and the kids. :)

I've created a freebie for comparing numbers using candy corn. Of course you don't have to actually let your students use candy corn, but it's a fun way to get them to work on their math. Think of the candy corn as greater than and less than signs.

In my classroom I have them first answer using candy corn. Then, I come around and spot check and they enjoy their treat while they go through and write their answers by hand.

I have included several different versions. I especially like the adding, subtracting, and multiplication ones because they involve a little work first.

Enjoy this freebie and happy halloween. Oh yah, there are answer keys included! Click here  or on the picture below to grab the freebie.

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  1. Your baby is really cute and yes nothing is more blessing than having a kid. And that is really good way of learning. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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