Sunday, July 5, 2015

Las Vegas.... I made it!

I finally got my act together yesterday and printed all of the handouts for the I Teach 1st and TPT conferences. I also made my honey a To Do list. ;)

Anyway, my baby bump and I made it! Plus, my two first grade friends from Alaska have arrived. In fact, they got here a smidge before me so they enjoyed the rooftop pool this evening. I will be exploring that tomorrow! We are all in heaven with our over the top 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom hotel room. It was a timeshare score for sure! I don't even want to think about what this would be costing for the week if we were paying regular hotel fees. Yikes! 


  1. You have made it with real perfection and it just look amazing piece of art. I love art and artist also. Winking

  2. You did pretty good job and it is always good to have everything before time. I wish I could manage myself like you did here. Thanks for sharing it


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