Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Back from Iceland... wait, what?!

I have just returned from a glorious trip to… wait for it…. Iceland! More specifically, it was my honeymoon. My husband and I actually got married last July (2013) and before and after the wedding we traveled around Alaska a little bit. (That’s where we currently live and were married.)

Iceland, however, was the big hoorah! It was incredible… and this is coming from someone who lives in Alaska. In Alaska we are blessed to have extraordinary mountains and glaciers, but we don’t have volcanoes and lava fields. Remember the volcano that shut down air travel in most of Europe in 2010? Well, I can say that I’ve landed on the now dormant Eyjafallajokull and its nearby glacier tongue. Yes, tongue... that's what they call it apparently.

In Alaska, we also don’t have Icelandic horses – which yes, we rode. And yes, we did the infamous tölt. Icelandic horses actually have 5 gates that they are known for, meaning that in addition to the walk, trot, canter/gallop, they have the tölt and the pace, or flying pace.

Another thing Alaska is lacking is the opportunity to snorkel between two tectonic plates. That’s right, last week I snorkeled, literally in a crack, between the North American and the Eurasian continents in water so clear that you can see for 100 meters. You can also drink this pristine water because it comes straight from glaciers. Glaciers = freezing, but don’t worry, we wore dry suits.

It was a-maz-ing, from the geography right down to the food, but I am happy to be home now. If anyone ever needs any travel advice about Iceland.... I'm your girl!


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